gameIf you love playing a game that includes plastic miniatures, or you just love hobby dioramas, painting plastic miniatures is a great way to customize the figures how you choose.


To paint these, you will need paper plates, dishwashing liquid and water, paint brushes, acrylic paint, acrylic gesso, and flat clear acrylic.


  1. Wash your miniature(s) in the dishwashing liquid and water and let dry for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Mix the acrylic gesso, water, and a small drop of black paint to make a primer. Mix well and brush it all over your miniature. Let dry 25 minutes.
  3. First paint coat of skin. Let dry. Then paint clothes area. Let dry. Finally, add the details and let dry. Paint extra coats where needed.
  4. Add two coats of flat clear acrylic to protect it. Let dry 30 minutes between coats.
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