How to Clean a Dirty Aquarium

A fresh water fish tank requires about 30 minutes to an hour of work a week depending on the size of the tank.


What you will need: 1) You will need a clean 5 gallon bucket that has never had chemicals or soap inside of it. 2) A hose or gravel cleaner 3) A bag of natural or synthetic sea salt

I have split the work into two parts the tank which needs to be cleaned ever week on the same day and the filters which can be cleaned every 2 or 3 weeks.


The very first thing you have to do before you start cleaning your fish tank is to unplug your tanks heater if you have one. The heater can not be allowed to be removed from the water while it is hot so make sure to leave it unplugged at least 20 minutes before attempting to remove it. The water help cool the glass on the heater if removed it could crack, or the glass could totally shatter. You should also remember to never stick your hand inside of any fish tank before making sure the heater is not only off but unplugged from the wall. A small crack in the heater could be more then enough to cause a shock to you that can be fatal.

After the heater has ha time to cool you can safely remove the heater from the tank or it the heater is submersible you can just push it down to the bottom of the tank.


Now take any decorations you may have placed in the tank, so all you have are the small gravel at the bottom, this will allow you to get any dirt that those decorations may have been covering up. Now if you do not have a gravel cleaner you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands wet. You will need to stir up the gravel to get the dirt that has settled between the gravel into the water, and start removing the water into the bucket with the hose. Do not throw out the water you will still need it to clean the filters.

If you have a gravel cleaner, push the plastic tube into the gravel until it hits the bottom of the tank, then start a siphon into the bucket, every second or 2 move the gravel cleaner over an inch or 2 and repeat this process until either you have removed 15 percent of the tanks water of you have cleaned all the gravel.

Now at this point you can clean the Aquariums filters. The insides of the filters are used to grow bacteria, that help break down the nitrites and nitrates that are in the water from fish waste and uneaten food. To make sure we don’t kill all these Aquarium friendly bacteria, we clean the filter materials and sponges in the dirty water that I also full of the bacteria. Take everything out of the filters and rinse them of in the bucket of dirty Aquarium water, then give the sponge a couple of squeezes in the bucket and reassemble the filters, and put them back on the tank.


Now before adding the water sea salt must be added to the tank. All water has some amount of salt in it and to replicate the natural habitat of the fish there must be salt in your tank as well. Add approximately 1 cup of sea salt for every 50 gallons of water.

Now you can add water to the tank, but you must make sure the water is the within a degree or two of the temperature of the water in the tank. A drastic change in the tanks temperature suddenly can throw the fish into shock and kill them or weaken their immunity and help give them a fish disease. I recommend filling the bucket with hot water and checking it regularly till it is the same as the tanks temperature, then slowly add the water to the tank, start the filters and the heater.

Cleaning the filters only needs to be done once or twice a month, but the water in the tank must be cleaned on the same day every week.

Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel

vietAre you Planning a trip to Laos? Possibly you may also have done the respective research about Vietnam Cambodia Laos Travel, and even know a bit related to Laos. You certainly already get much excited as well as also dream of place where you are actually heading to. Hey you should wait! You require to also plan the trip before you really go.

The most careful as well as vigilant planning plays important role in identifying travel experience which is good or which is not so-good.  When you plan to move to some other countries in region prior and after Laos and Thailand, even Cambodia as well as Vietnam, at least you should also determine where you should go first, next as well as last and entry points and exit points in the Laos. This is quite important to have completed and the clear plan to usually avoid any kind of doubling back which may eat up all your money and your time.

You should Plan itinerary sensibly. It assists for saving any kind of hassle, time while you make plan of the routs vigilantly. It also helps to decide where as well as how you will get the tourist visa. The Tourist visas now are valid for just 30 days.

Outdoor accessories

ladYour outdoor area is an addition space of your home. So, you must take extreme effort to beautify it with the help of this you can use it at your best. It can be done in different manners using wrought iron, wood, or any other types of outdoor accessories and furniture.

Earlier than you purchase, sit comfortably and analyze your budget. For example, purchasing a dining set can cost you so many dollars thus keep away from impulse shopping. Make a decision in advance like how much amount you can spend and you should stick to your decided budget. Be on the search for sale products or purchase off-season for the most excellent bargains. One more method to save some money is to change your old umbrella, cushions or any other accessories instead of changing the complete set.


Consider your needs carefully. Do you actually want an outdoor fire pit or fireplace? Are you searching somewhat which will keep your outdoor warm for the remaining year? Or are you searching a fire place where everyone can meet around to entertain? Would you wish to cook foods over that fire? Your responses to these queries will assist you decide which type of accessories you want.

Top interracial dating sites

freeAsian women usually are even getting interested in top interracial dating sites. The magnetic as well as the feminine charm and also the warmth of exotic along with mysterious east also have been the attraction for west. There is no such wonder that the Asian women usually catch eyes of the western men quite easily. So when you are searching or planning to date or when you are in the interracial relationship along with the Asian woman, you can refer this site. Dating by Asian women has now become highly popular and so you may easily find the Asian single women generally everywhere, the Asian community also get widespread all around the world.

Moreover, there is also nothing incorrect with getting attracted to and even being in the interracial relationships through Asian women. Moreover, there is also nothing wrong for being perfectly attracted to any kind of the common mannerisms of the cultural. An important as well as useful thing is wrong for generalizing the woman as well as not treating as a own person and even assuming that a few cultural mannerisms might have been meaning about they really do. When you are deciding to date with an interracial person, always bear in your mind that such women are not different from other women.

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