How to Clean a Dirty Aquarium

A fresh water fish tank requires about 30 minutes to an hour of work a week depending on the size of the tank.


What you will need: 1) You will need a clean 5 gallon bucket that has never had chemicals or soap inside of it. 2) A hose or gravel cleaner 3) A bag of natural or synthetic sea salt

I have split the work into two parts the tank which needs to be cleaned ever week on the same day and the filters which can be cleaned every 2 or 3 weeks.


The very first thing you have to do before you start cleaning your fish tank is to unplug your tanks heater if you have one. The heater can not be allowed to be removed from the water while it is hot so make sure to leave it unplugged at least 20 minutes before attempting to remove it. The water help cool the glass on the heater if removed it could crack, or the glass could totally shatter. You should also remember to never stick your hand inside of any fish tank before making sure the heater is not only off but unplugged from the wall. A small crack in the heater could be more then enough to cause a shock to you that can be fatal.

After the heater has ha time to cool you can safely remove the heater from the tank or it the heater is submersible you can just push it down to the bottom of the tank.


Now take any decorations you may have placed in the tank, so all you have are the small gravel at the bottom, this will allow you to get any dirt that those decorations may have been covering up. Now if you do not have a gravel cleaner you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands wet. You will need to stir up the gravel to get the dirt that has settled between the gravel into the water, and start removing the water into the bucket with the hose. Do not throw out the water you will still need it to clean the filters.

If you have a gravel cleaner, push the plastic tube into the gravel until it hits the bottom of the tank, then start a siphon into the bucket, every second or 2 move the gravel cleaner over an inch or 2 and repeat this process until either you have removed 15 percent of the tanks water of you have cleaned all the gravel.

Now at this point you can clean the Aquariums filters. The insides of the filters are used to grow bacteria, that help break down the nitrites and nitrates that are in the water from fish waste and uneaten food. To make sure we don’t kill all these Aquarium friendly bacteria, we clean the filter materials and sponges in the dirty water that I also full of the bacteria. Take everything out of the filters and rinse them of in the bucket of dirty Aquarium water, then give the sponge a couple of squeezes in the bucket and reassemble the filters, and put them back on the tank.


Now before adding the water sea salt must be added to the tank. All water has some amount of salt in it and to replicate the natural habitat of the fish there must be salt in your tank as well. Add approximately 1 cup of sea salt for every 50 gallons of water.

Now you can add water to the tank, but you must make sure the water is the within a degree or two of the temperature of the water in the tank. A drastic change in the tanks temperature suddenly can throw the fish into shock and kill them or weaken their immunity and help give them a fish disease. I recommend filling the bucket with hot water and checking it regularly till it is the same as the tanks temperature, then slowly add the water to the tank, start the filters and the heater.

Cleaning the filters only needs to be done once or twice a month, but the water in the tank must be cleaned on the same day every week.

Creating the perfect actors resume

actors resumeMaking the resume is certainly not the Herculean task, but however at same time it may also increase as well as decrease chances to get the break into entire entertainment industry. Ideally actor resume should also be the draft of one pager, which must also include the headshot of the child also. The initial kind of the segment must also contain of the child’s individual and the details according to the age.




If the actor is yet an infant so you must also reveal some simple and easy basic details such as weight as well as height, color of the eyes as well as hair and also race etc. On the other hand, when your kid holds some prior experience of acting, then you may also enlighten their talents like blowing of the kisses, chuckling as well as sitting up. A resume of the toddler is also comparatively very simple. Moreover, even when your kid is quite older, on the other hand you should also initiate resume with some basic information such as weight and height. All kinds of the school plays, with the community performances as well as local fashion that also shows can also be regarded as the experience.


Bringing Essex together

etvWe live in a world where technology and entertainment are literally at the tip of our fingertips; we’re so spoilt for choice these days that it makes a huge difference of the days of black and white TV’s and the boring shows that were dictated to us by the media channels. Thankfully with the advent of technology and the internet there are some incredible new entertainment channels opening up and today we’re going to focus on one called Essex TV which is a

Essex TV is a new IPTV entertainment due to launch early this year, it’s already making waves in the industry and is set to be one of the hottest entertainment channels available.  Their vision is to reach audiences around the world whilst highlighting and featuring local programming. Their innovative programming will make you think, will open up your mind and grow your knowledge whilst entertaining you through a selection of Reality, Sports, Business, Local News & Entertainment content. Gone are the days of boring and mind numbing television. Now we can watch some thought provoking riveting channels in the comfort of our own home. You can sign up here or learn more here on how to get involved.

Create the perfect Word Search Puzzle

wordMany kids usually enjoy solving the word search and their puzzles. These are also great way to pass time, and also a wonderful thought idea for the parents who wish something to always keep their kids completely occupied, rather being bored, when for the instance taking some more train and from the plane journey. Even though such puzzles are really great fun, it must even be mentioned that these can have some kind of educational benefits as well – kids should pay close to the attention to both puzzle and also real or the correct spelling of the words, in way to solve puzzle.

Many readers are also probably familiar with such kind of the puzzle, but some brief recap will be for these few who are not. Usually the puzzle contains some of the letters laid out for the grid, and objective of player is to locate the words hidden in such kind of the grid. Every word is in the straight line, however can also get orientated in any other kind of the direction at all that is done horizontally as well as any other diagonal direction. At the same time, words can also overlap as well as they may even intersect, and also a few of the letters are also not part of the word – these are also there that can distract you. Since you can easily imagine, solving such kind of the Word Search Puzzle might become quite a great challenge particularly for the young kids.


On the other hand, it is also quite much possible to buy the printed books that consisting such kind of the puzzles, one other important option that many parents as well as the teachers are also turning too, it is making such kind of puzzles by using computer and also some other kind of the word search puzzle that is done through the maker software. At the same time, you just need to enter some of the list of words, you need to click on the button, and there you can make a new search puzzle at all.


On the other hand, there are many word search puzzles that may also be quite much difficult to solve. There are few of the puzzles that might end up getting infinitely difficult through the huge search areas, several different set of the words, and also incredibly long words. Here, not to mention where the words in the word search puzzle may also get placed downwards, backwards, upwards, forwards as well as diagonally. This is lot of the different ways for words that are get placed and so you may even always catch such kind of the word.

This is quite best as well as it is even suggested to develop the well-organized method for madness of word search and also to have the better chance for finding all words that are usually hidden in the word search puzzle. It is certainly a great way you would be also highly efficient in the word search.



If you’re looking for one of the leading word search websites then look no further than you can check out their full word search database here. Of course if you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help you out or you can leave your feedback here.

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